Fawcett the Comedian - Antique Steel Engraving 1860
Fawcett the Comedian - Antique Steel Engraving 1860

'Fawcett the Comedian' - Antique Steel Engraving, 1860

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An antique steel engraving entitled Fawcett the Comedian, circa 1860.
Portrait after Sir Thomas Lawrence PRA, engraved by W Edwards, printed by Virtue & Co. From the picture in the Vernon Gallery.
John Fawcett (1768 - 1837) was an English actor and playwright.
He was the son of York, Dublin and London actor also called John Fawcett, and his wife Sarah Plaw. His interest in following his father's career were thwarted by the latter, who sent him to St Paul's School in 1776, then placed him in an apprenticeship with a linen draper, but young John ran away at 18 and joined Charles Mate's theatrical company in Margate. Though viewed as having promise, he was a disappointment in dramatic roles, but far more successful in comedic ones.
In 1791 he moved to London for Covent Garden in London, and became a London mainstay, also appearing at the Haymarket from 1794.
In 1830 he retired to Botley in Hampshire, where he died 7 years later.
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Print size: 26cm x 17.5cm
Mount size: 40.5cm x 30.5cm