Sontag - Anna - Steel Engraving circa 1850
Sontag - Anna - Steel Engraving circa 1850

Sontag - Anna - Steel Engraving, circa 1850

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A fine, monochrome steel engraving of opera singer Henriette Sontag, circa 1850, in her role as Donna Anna from Mozart's Don Giovanni.
Henriette Sontag (1806 - 1854) was a German operatic soprano of great international renown. She was extremely successful in Germany and England, and also performed in Paris and the USA.
She possessed a sweet toned, lyrical voice, and was a brilliant exponent of florid singing.
Composer Hector Berlioz wrote of her: "Her principal merit, in our eyes, is the absence of 'rant' - the substitute of genius - in any shape whatever. She always sings, does not depend on the mere strength of lungs - erroneously called power. She never strains her delicate organ - that sweet instrument so susceptible of every shade of expression". Praise indeed!
Mounted. Ready to frame.

Print size: 20.5cm x 12.5cm
Mount size: 37cm x 28cm