Barkshire - Antique Map by Robert Morden circa 1701/08
Barkshire - Antique Map by Robert Morden circa 1701/08

'Barkshire' - Antique Map by Robert Morden, circa 1701/08

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An antique, hand coloured map of the English county of Barkshire (Berkshire) by the famous cartographer Robert Morden (1650 - 1703). From the 1701 - 1708 edition.
Between about 1675 and his death in 1703, Morden was based in London. His output was large and varied. His best-known maps were first published in a new edition of Camden'"Britannia" in 1695, and subsequently reissued several times throughout the 18th century. These maps were based on new information from each county, and were newly engraved. Each had a decorated cartouche. Morden also produced in 1701 a series of smaller county maps often known as Miniature Mordens.
There is a small repair.
Mounted. Ready to frame.

Print size: 22cm x 16cm
Mount size: 35cm x 30.5cm