Carte de Lisle de Sainct Christophe The Island of Saint Kitts - Antique Map, circa 1660

Carte de Lisle de Sainct Christophe... (The Island of Saint Kitts) - Antique Map, circa 1660

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A fine antique map of the island of St. Kitts, in the Antilles. The first map to show the island separately. By Nicolas Sanson, engraved by A Peyrounin and published by Pierre Mariette, Paris, circa 1660. The map shows the division of the island between the French and English settlers, after the Europeans briefly united to massacre the indigenous Kalingo population in 1626. Copper engraving with hand colours. Antique 'Hogarth' frame.

Print size: 50cm x 40cm
Frame size: 58cm x 48cm