'Glorious 1st of June' Mezzotint of The Battle of Ushant 1794
'Glorious 1st of June' Mezzotint of The Battle of Ushant 1794
'Glorious 1st of June' Mezzotint of The Battle of Ushant 1794

Glorious 1st of June - Mezzotint of The Battle of Ushant,1794

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A super quality mezzotint by John Fairburn, December 1794, to commemorate the important Battle of Ushant, 1st June 1794. Published on the 8th December 1794.
There were several sea battles of Ushant during the late 18th century, but this one depicts the one that took place of the 1st June, 1794.
The Glorious First of June, (known in France as Bataille du 13 prairial an 2 and sometimes called Third Battle of Ushant) of 1794 was the first and largest naval action between the French and British fleets during the French Revolutionary Wars. The action was fought over 400 miles west of Ushant, the most Western point of France in Brittany.
The British fleet under 
Lord Howe engaged a French fleet under Villaret de Joyeuse. The French fleet, as well as engaging with the British fleet, had a more important task: to lure Howe away from a grain convoy of 117 ships, destined for France from the United States. The future of the French Revolution depended on this convoy arriving in France intact, to save the French population from famine.
Ultimately, both admirals were successful in their ambitions; Howe defeated Villaret in open battle and sunk or captured seven of his ships. Villaret managed to occupy Howe for long enough and inflict sufficient damage that the convoy escaped unscathed.
Framed. Ready to hang.

Print size: 35cm x 25cm
Frame size: 59cm x 48cm