Shropshire - Antique Map by William Hole 1610
Shropshire - Antique Map by William Hole 1610

'Shropshire' - Antique Map by William Hole, 1610

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'Salopiae Comitatus Quem Corna: UII....'
Fine antique map of the English county of Shropshire, engraved by William Hole after Christopher Saxton. First published in William Camden's 'Britannia', 1607. This is the edition of 1610.
Shropshire is one of the 14 maps which occur only in one state. (The 1607 issue had latin text verso).
Fine, rich hand colouring. Repair to paper loss to the right of the compass rose. Printer's crease through "PARS" top left hand side.
Mounted. Ready to frame.

Print size: 34.5cm x 28cm
Mount size: 50cm x 45cm