The Royal Beggars - Antique Caricature 1814
The Royal Beggars - Antique Caricature 1814

'The Royal Beggars' - Antique Caricature, 1814

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An antique, hand coloured caricature entitled 'The Royal Beggars', by George Cruikshank, published in the magazine 'Satirist' on February 1st, 1814.
John Bull, a fat 'cit', is on the throne, pointing to Napoleon and his brothers. Napoleon's son, the King of Rome, is on his back, Wellington stands next to the throne, to his left is the Tsar, and extreme left Bernadotte.
The caricature points to the possibility of a regency for the King of Rome, whose grandfather was Emperor of Austria.

Print size: 37.5cm x 21cm
Frame size: 52cm x 37cm